Vrbanski plato, Slovenia

The aquifer of Vrbanski plato is the biggest water resource in northeast part of Slovenia for Maribor (second large city of Slovenia) and neighborhood municipalities (capacity cca 500 l/s, with the possibility of extension to 1000 l/s). It presents the use of bank filtrated waters of Drava river, which is crossing under the city. In year 1978 were in the islands in the river constructed four wells for managed artificial groundwater recharge as first step of active protection of this water resource with planned widening. This bank filtrated water is then filtrated via negative wells at 250 m distance from drinking water wells. The Vrbanski plato case study will use FREEWAT set for the relevant issues of the water management and including wide range of important stakeholders, evaluation of influence of city Maribor on aquifer, for the second step of groundwater recharge and to look on possible pollution problems and solute transport.

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