Within the H2020 FREEWAT project, seven Policy Briefs were prepared, based on the main project outcomes.

Each Policy Brief presents a concise summary of information that may help policy makers to understand and likely make decisions about a particular subject.

Policy Briefs are proposed as practical tools to be used in order to ensure better knowledge-based decisions.

The produced Policy Briefs (PBs) are: 

PB 1/7 - Needs and priorities for software capability in Water Resource Management

PB 2/7 - The FREEWAT platform

PB 3/7 - Open Data needs and Open Source analysis tools

PB 4/7 - Introducing the participatory approach in FREEWAT

PB 5/7 - Modeling tools for EU water-related Directives

PB 6/7 - FREEWAT for Water Resource Management in rural areas

PB 7/7 - Guidance on model-supported application of EU water directives

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