Every year about $260 billion of total global economic losses are associated with inadequate water supply and sanitation, not to mention the very difficult living conditions of millions of human beings considering that around 2.4 billion people live without access to adequate sanitation. Every day, millions of women and girls walk for miles just to fetch and carry water, creating a cycle of inequality.

In this context water management is key to every country including Europe which might not been affected by these problems.

The FREEWAT platform, free of charge and open source could be beneficial also for developing countries hence it is fundamental to vehicle its benefits to as many as possible stakeholders, policy makers and water researchers and practitioners.

In this light, the FREEWAT partners are organising national workshops to spread the word about the FREEWAT software and its economical positive impact.

Please find below a list of dates and locations of the various events and feel free to join the one closest to you.

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