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Please, find below a complete list of FREEWAT course held at Universities, during and beyond the end of the H2020 FREEWAT project.

Please, contact the reference person to get information about the course you are interested in.

If you wish to add a FREEWAT course held at your University, please write to providing the following information:

- Target students (undergraduate, post-graduate, …)

- Title of the University course

- Type of University course (MSc, PhD, master course, spring semester, professional, …)

- University (and Country) where the course is held

- Institute/Department where the course is held

- Responsible person for the course (name and email contact)

- When the course is held (month and year)  


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Course title



Responsible person





Numerical Modeling of water demand and supply in arid regions (OWHM)

Department of Civil, Geo and Environmental Engineering

Technical University of Munich (Germany)

Markus Disse

Daniel Bittner

Summer semester 2020



Introduction in Sustainable Groundwater Resources Management

Institute of Geography

University of Innsbruck (Austria)

Teresa Perez Ciria

Gabriele Chiogna

Summer semester 2020


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