Work Package 7 - Guidance on model-supported application of EU water-related Directives for water quantity and quality

WP description:

The guidelines will cover all stages of model development: planning, conceptualization, design and construction, model calibration, predictive scenarios, uncertainty evaluation, model review and reporting. They will be divided into two main sections:

1) general section with guidelines for water quantity and quality modelling in general;

2) a more detailed section strongly connected to guidelines useful for the application of the European Directives.

In the first section “principles” for efficient set up and evaluation of models (definition of assumptions, output analysis, understanding of the strengths and limitations, of a model analysis), and definition of how model results can be included in a standard protocol to manage environmental problems, with reference to the specific problems analysed in the test cases will be presented. The second sections will include guidelines related to the WFD, GWD, and water related Directives (i.e. Nitrate Directive). Results from the non EU case studies will also be used for comparison.

The Guidance will be published in English, in order to disseminate the project outcomes within the EU and abroad.

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