Work Package 3 - Capacity building

WP description:

The threefold objectives of this WP are:

a. To build knowledge capacity on using innovative scientific software for Water Resource Management (WRM);

b. To improve the professional level of technical staff in water authorities, water utilities, private companies, and any other organization involved in WRM;

c. To disseminate the use of FREEWAT platform as standard software used for modelling surface-/sub-surface water quantity and quality dynamics.

The WP activities will be carried out according to the following tasks.

Preliminary training devoted to install a preliminary (potentially unstable) version of the platform, which is the core of the customised version developed during the project. Afterwards, existing tutorials for the hydrological part of the platform (already developed in the SID&GRID project) will be run, to gain confidence on the software instrument.

Once the beta version of FREEWAT will be released (WP2, Month 9) one week training will be delivered at the premises of each case study partner (SSSA, UNESCO, METCENAS, ZETA, RT, IEI, ERU, NTUA/AMD, INHGA, PRN, UTARTU, TSNUK, BUGS, IST-SUPSI) by the FREEWAT Steering Group (SSSA, TEA, TUDA, IDAEA-CSIC) and IST-SUPSI to demonstrate all the platform capabilities Courses will serve as a testing phase as functionalities implementation is expected to be completed. A minimum of 6 trainers per partner are foreseen so that about 100 trainers will be formed.

Training materials will be prepared (lecture notes, tutorials, etc.) by the FREEWAT STEERING group (SSSA, TEA, TUDA, IDAEA-CSIC) and IST-SUPSI and then distributed to partners and improved in quality during the training phase. The final version of the training material is foreseen at month 16. IGRAC will also prepare and share with the other partners contents related to the Global Groundwater Information System (GGIS) to be presented during the training. At the end of the project, the training materials will be distributed through the web.

All the trained partners will give a one week applied workshop in their own country to demonstrate the FREEWAT capabilities to relevant stakeholders.

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