Work Package 2 - Software Integration Engineering and Customisation

WP descrption:

The objective of this WP is to build and release the FREEWAT modelling platform by integrating modules resulting from previous EU and non-EU funded projects so to:
a. include features addressing specific end-users requirements related to the implementation of the EU water directives or local directives (for the countries outside EU), in connection with WP6;
b. release a ready-to-use and well tested version, along with User Manual and support tools for installing and running the software.

The FREEWAT platform will implement several capabilities: their integration will be guaranteed by a modular structure (modules can be activated and/or de-selected to run different model scenarios) as well as by the approach selected for managing input/output data within the GIS desktop.
The core of the FREEWAT platform will be the SID&GRID code (version ported to the QGIS desktop), open source and public domain modelling platform  firstly developed within the EU-POR FSE 2007-2013 Regione Toscana – Italy and then ported to the QGIS desktop through a dedicated fund by Regione Toscana.
In the following Table a list of different capabilities/processes that will be included in FREEWAT in comparison with those existing in SID&GRID is reported. For each one, the development stage and the used European funds are also described.

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