FREEWAT v.1.0 is now available!

A new version of the FREEWAT plugin (v.1.0) is now available since October 17th 2017.

Besides some minor bug fixing, the major enhancements with respect to the previous version (v.0.5) are the following:

  • the Copy from vector to vector function can now work on selected features in input layer (if any);
  • info on Model Data Objects is now retrieved directly from the database, which reduces a lot the time for creating codes’ input files;
  • a progress bar during creation of codes’ input files has been included;
  • grid cells where the WEL Package is assigned can now be automatically selected using a line shapefile;
  • specified-head values for MODFLOW CHD Package and boundary head values (bhead variable) for MODFLOW GHB Package can now be obtained by linear interpolation along a line profile;
  • the Crop Growth Module for simulation of crop yield at harvest has been integrated as a complementary module to be run after MODFLOW-OWHM.

As usual, FREEWAT v.1.0 can be downloaded, along with a complete set of up-to-date User Manuals and Tutorials, through accessing the Software -> Download area page of the FREEWAT website.

To do that, login is needed. We recall that (if you already registered) you don’t need to register again, as you can use the same username and password received by e-mail when you registered the first time.

You can keep posted about FREEWAT activities, having a look at the News and Events page of the FREEWAT website and joining our LinkedIn group (EU H2020 FREEWAT), Twitter account (@H2020Freewat) and Facebook page (FREEWAT). 

FREEWAT Google Groups

The FREEWAT community enlarges! 

Two FREEWAT Google Groups are available to get in touch with other Users and Developers.

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