FREEWAT reference peer-reviewed paper!


You can find an updated list of open access peer-reviewed papers and conference papers on FREEWAT at the following links:

Peer-reviewed papers

Conference papers


Should you be using FREEWAT for your work or research, whenever you need to cite the software, please use the following citation:

Rossetto, R., De Filippis, G., Borsi, I., Foglia, L., Cannata, M., Criollo, R., Vázquez-Suñé, E., 2018. Integrating free and open source tools and distributed modelling codes in GIS environment for data-based groundwater management, Environmental Modelling & Software, 107:210-230


We welcome adding to our webpage papers or technical reports describing work or research done using FREEWAT.

If you wish your FREEWAT-related work to be accessible through our website, please write to

And a new page on FREEWAT MSc thesis will be available soon!