FREEWAT First Users and Developers International Workshop

On September 21st, the 1st FREEWAT Users and Developers International Workshop took place in Barcelona, Spain. This workshop was the time to present in detail the most relevant outcomes and tools developed within the FREEWAT project, also to non-FREEWAT partners.

Presentations about FREEWAT applications to case studies were given followed by an open discussion concerned FREEWAT applicability and exploitation at National and International levels. The open discussion also focused on issues such as how helpful was FREEWAT to facilitate data analysis, and model development, and to streamline the application of Water Framework Directive.

At the same time, the FREEWAT partners took the opportunity to interact with participants interested in joining the FREEWAT users and developers community for, i.e., contributing to sustain and to increase the tools available in FREEWAT.

Much has been said also about FREEWAT future: the development of several synergies with other projects at National and International levels will pave the road to new cooperation and initiatives.

Among these, the announcement of the forthcoming FREEWAT Association for supporting platform maintenance and dissemination activities, and for fostering further development and application, was welcomed with enthusiasm by all of the partners. For the agenda please visit the related page