Lugano lake, Switzerland

The case study is expecting to provide information on the interaction between baseflows and the Lugano lake surface water body, which is trounsboundary and monitored by an international commission. The model outcomes will be useful to better understand the dynamics of the water bodies and setting up a transport simulation model, which will provide guidance on the diffusion of dissolved substances, such as phosphorus, and quantities that can reach the lake.This topic is very relevant, in fact in the past as a result of an increase in the population and internal migration, the lake became strongly eutrophic with the P concentration reaching 140 mg/m3. Monitored values in 2014 indicates values that still do not meet the objectives of the lake recovery program. The application of FREEWAT will therefore enable a better understanding of the lake load contribution from the groundwater so that new policies and actions can evantually be designed.

 Here the Lugano Focus Group Kick-off meeting invitation (ITA - ENG)

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