Lovosice, Czech Republic

The study area is situated close to the confluence of Ohre river and Lower Elbe river, north of the town of Lovosice. Two types of aquifers are present: a confined Cretaceous aquifer and a phreatic Quaternary aquifer, in connection with surface water.

The groundwater flow regime there is not sufficiently described and its solution could be done using FREEWAT, especially related to a very vulnerable surface water body constituted by an abandoned gravel open pit (anthropogenic lake). Elbe water likely leaks into the lake through sandy river bottom due to hydraulic head from nearby higher river level (the Lovosice weir). The river regulation and use influence directly the water regime in pumping wells and consequently have impact on water quality with regular presence of biological pollution together with occasional occurrence of industrial and agricultural contaminants to which the shallow aquifer presents a very high vulnerability. Furthermore, in years 2002 and 2013 major floods occurred with a devastating effect on shallow water quality and even some shift in shallow water and sediment stratigraphy. The case study objective is referred to Water Framework Directive, Groundwater Directive and Flood Directive.


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