FREEWAT Users & Developers Workshop

This First Users and Developers International workshop will be held in Barcelona, Spain on September 21st 2017.

The meeting will focus on some interesting questions such as how successfully has FREEWAT been applied to case studies? How helpful has been FREEWAT to facilitate data analysis, and model development, and to streamline the application of WFD? What do we expect from the FREEWAT platform in the future? These are questions that we would like to discuss with the FREEWAT users during the first FREEWAT users and developers international workshop together with a feedback of the FREEWAT users about their experience using the new platform. At the same time, we would like to start interacting with new developers interested in contributing with new tools to sustain and increase the tools available in FREEWAT.
Starting the discussion with the presentation of the results for the FREEWAT case studies will provide a common background on what is the FREEWAT status in terms of practical application. The open discussion in the afternoon will be organized around questions and suggestions and the discussion facilitated by a panel of expert. Social media will be used to enhance the interaction with all the developers and users attending.

The programme is available here